Traditional End Side Tables

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In the world of furniture design, traditional end side tables remain a timeless and elegant choice.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your living room or a cozy charm to your bedroom, our roundup will highlight the best traditional end side tables that will perfectly complement your interior decor.

The Top 10 Best Traditional End Side Tables

  1. Elegant Handcrafted Boho End Table with Vibrant Paisley Design — Bring vibrant style and sophistication to your living room or bedroom with this handcrafted, hand-painted Paisley design side table, made from premium rosewood and etched with intricate patterns.
  2. Oakdale Genuine Marble End Table with Storage — Natural, 12" W x 24" H — Marvel at the Oakdale Genuine Marble End Table with Storage, featuring a sleek mango wood frame and natural marble shelves, designed to perfectly complement your home decor while providing practical storage space.
  3. Elegant Wooden Pedestal Accent Table for Home Decor — Enhance your living space with this stylish Round Wood Pedestal Accent Table by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, featuring a sturdy pedestal base and natural finish, perfect for quick access to daily essentials.
  4. Reclaimed Wood End Table: Sturdy & Attractive Furniture Design — Enhance your home’s charm with the Greenage Reclaimed Wood End Table, featuring sleek design, easy assembly, and exceptional durability for a lifetime of use.
  5. Classical End Table with Turned Legs and Square Design — Elevate your home’s sophistication with the timeless Coaster Walden Rectangular End Table, featuring a rich coffee brown finish and classic design that blends seamlessly into any refined living space.
  6. Mistana Angelique Traditional End Side Table — Add a touch of rustic charm to your living space with Mistana Angelique’s antique-inspired end table, offering both style and smart storage in a sturdy and well-crafted package.
  7. Acme Vendome Antique Pearl End Table: Elegant storage and spacious surface — Enhance your living space with the versatile and elegantly designed Acme Furniture Vendome Antique Pearl End Table, featuring a spacious surface, extra storage space, and a timeless antique pearl finish.
  8. Rustic Azalea Tree Stump End Table with Natural Root Design — Experience the rustic charm of an Azalea Tree Stump End Table, a unique and sturdy side table crafted from real roots for a natural and elegant ambiance in any room.
  9. Commerce & Market Carved Stump Side Table — Hooker Furniture — Discover elegance and functionality in one piece with the beautiful Commerce & Market Carved Stump Side Table by Hooker Furniture — perfect for any space.
  10. Coastal Lillian Fluted End Table, Natural Pine Finish — Elevate your living space with the Better Homes & Gardens Lillian Fluted End Table, a stylish and functional addition perfect for coastal interiors.

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Elegant Handcrafted Boho End Table with Vibrant Paisley Design


I recently stumbled upon this Artistic Side Table/End Table during my hunt for a unique addition to my living room. Crafted with premium rosewood, it instantly became the focal point of the space. With its hand-cut and refined design, it boasts a classic paisley pattern etched onto the wooden surface, which was then skillfully painted with lacquer in different color layers. The vibrancy it brings to my room is unmatched, and the wooden piece fits seamlessly into the room’s décor.

Assembling the table was a breeze, taking just minutes to put together. The high-quality craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the table, from the attention to detail in the etching to the vibrant colors of the lacquer painted design. I must admit, I have received a few compliments on my new addition, which is a testament to its attractiveness.

Despite the minor issue of the table’s legs appearing similar, which made it a bit confusing as to which end is the head and which is the base, the overall experience with this product has been positive. I am happy with my purchase and would wholeheartedly recommend it to others looking for a unique and eye-catching addition to their living spaces.

Oakdale Genuine Marble End Table with Storage — Natural, 12" W x 24" H


The Oakdale Genuine Marble End Table by Joss & Main is an eye-catching addition to any living space. Its natural mango wood frame, combined with the refined craftsmanship and genuine marble shelves, creates a striking visual display that is both functional and attractive. The two-tone design allows it to blend seamlessly with various home decor styles, while its petite size makes it ideal for small rooms or tight corners.

I found the end table to be sturdy and well-made, making it a durable choice for everyday use. However, the marble shelves have a removable, flat bottom, and I had to be careful not to lift it by the top, which could be a concern for some users.

Overall, it’s a beautiful and convenient storage solution that has become a staple in my home.

Elegant Wooden Pedestal Accent Table for Home Decor


I recently added a Round Wood Pedestal Accent Table from Hearth and Hand with Magnolia to my living room. The table’s natural finish and interesting pedestal base make it a great addition to any space. It’s small enough to fit comfortably between my sofa and armchair, while still offering ample surface area for my cup of coffee and books.

Assembling the table was a breeze and required no additional tools. The pedestal base feels sturdy, providing peace of mind when placing items on the table. Its durable construction also ensures that it’s easy to move around if needed.

Despite its charm, I did face a few challenges. The delivery box was missing, which made the whole experience a bit frustrating. Additionally, the veneer had an off-putting, yellowish hue that didn’t match the product’s photos. There were also some issues with uneven coloring, which detracted from the overall appearance.

Overall, the Round Wood Pedestal Accent Table from Hearth and Hand with Magnolia offers a stylish and functional addition to any room. However, it is crucial to expect a few potential drawbacks, such as missing delivery boxes or imperfect veneer quality, to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Reclaimed Wood End Table: Sturdy & Attractive Furniture Design


The Greenage Reclaimed Wood End Table was a pleasant surprise in my quest for a versatile addition to my living area. As soon as I had it set up, I appreciated the eye-catching blend of colors and the rich texture of the reclaimed wood. But what sold me on it was how solid it felt, with no wobbling or unsteadiness despite its sturdy yet approachable design.

One thing I particularly liked was how simple the assembly process was. With easily understandable instructions and clear hardware parts, the entire process was accomplished in less than 10 minutes, leaving me with ample time to enjoy the end result. Even the slightly rough finish, with a hint of natural character, felt perfect, adding an extra layer of charm and authenticity to the piece.

However, one minor drawback was the absence of pre-drilled holes, making the attachment of the tabletop slightly more challenging than expected. Also, while the tabletop was visually stunning, the weight capacity seemed somewhat low for such a sturdy-looking piece of furniture, which I found rather surprising.

But overall, the Greenage Reclaimed Wood End Table is a solid, unique, and easy to assemble piece, with a vibrant appearance that makes it a standout accent to any living space. With the right amount of care, it could easily become a lifetime piece, adding warmth and character to your surroundings.

Classical End Table with Turned Legs and Square Design


As a lover of traditional decor, I was immediately drawn to this Coaster Walden Rectangular End Table. Its classic silhouette, refined by four turned pedestal legs, gave it an undeniable timeless flair. Crafted from tropical wood, this elegant piece felt like a perfect match for my home.

The square tabletop provided a sturdy surface, perfect for placing a table lamp and displaying family photos or decor. The open bottom shelf offered a plank design that added to the end table’s traditional charm. And the deep, rich coffee brown finish added a bold touch, making this piece stand out in any refined space.

However, the weight of the table caught me by surprise. At 62 pounds, it was much heavier than I expected. While it certainly added to the sturdiness and stability of the piece, it made it a bit difficult to move around or reposition.

Overall, this Coaster Walden Rectangular End Table is a beautifully crafted piece that would make a great addition to any traditional space. Just make sure you have the muscle to move it!

Mistana Angelique Traditional End Side Table


Recently, I had the chance to incorporate the Mistana Angelique End Table into my living room. This piece stood out as a charming and functional addition to my space. The intricate design, inspired by an antique trunk, was a welcome sight in my otherwise contemporary decor. When I first opened the box, I was impressed with how carefully it was packaged.

First and foremost, the flip-up lid gives easy access to the ample storage compartment underneath. This particular detail was an absolute game-changer in terms of maintaining an organized and clutter-free living room. The solid wood material used to create the end table gave it a sturdiness that I found quite reassuring. Furthermore, the natural brown finish added a warm and inviting touch to the overall aesthetic.

The table’s industrial appeal was further enhanced by the antique black cast iron latch and corner brackets. These thoughtful additions added an air of sophistication to the piece that I found to be quite charming.

However, the overall experience was not without its drawbacks. I came across some minor issues as well. Firstly, the hinges felt a bit weak and could use some reinforcement to ensure that the table remains sturdy over time. Additionally, I found that the lid was not always perfectly aligned, which occasionally led to a few scuff marks on the top of the table.

In terms of assembly, the process was quite straightforward and uncomplicated. The included instructions were clear and concise, making the experience hassle-free.

Overall, the Mistana Angelique End Table brought a lovely vintage touch to my living room without sacrificing functionality. While there are a few areas that could use some improvement, I still highly recommend this piece for those looking to add a bit of charm to their living space.

Acme Vendome Antique Pearl End Table: Elegant storage and spacious surface


The Acme Furniture Vendome end table, with model number ACM-LV01527, is a versatile and practical addition to any living space. Its rectangular shape provides ample surface area for drinks, books, or other items, while the shelf below adds extra storage space for magazines, remote controls, or decorative pieces.

With an antique pearl white finish, this end table exudes vintage charm, and its versatile design can complement both traditional and transitional interior styles. The meticulously crafted details, along with the scrolled bun legs, create a sophisticated and refined appearance, making it an eye-catching and elegant accent piece for your home.

Rustic Azalea Tree Stump End Table with Natural Root Design


Last year, during a winter trip to the mountains, I came across this unique Azalea Tree Stump End Table at a charming log cabin store. Upon noticing it, I was immediately drawn to its rustic design and natural charm. I decided to make a purchase for my living room and couldn’t wait to bring it home.

As I unboxed the table, I was delighted to find a sturdy piece of furniture made from real Azalea roots and stump. The entangling roots added a lot of character to the table, giving it an extra special touch that I simply couldn’t get elsewhere. The use of hidden nails and glue also added a sense of reliability to the table, ensuring it could support my belongings without any wobbling.

The versatility of this end table made it a fantastic addition to my living room. I found it to be the perfect height for a small drink table, plant stand, or even a bathroom shower stool. Additionally, the table’s natural feel and elegance made it a perfect choice for a rustic cabin theme, offering a perfect blend of warmth and nature in my home.

However, while I appreciated the lack of assembly required, I found the size of the table to be a little limiting in certain situations. Despite this minor downside, the overall beauty and uniqueness of the table far outweighed any drawbacks in my opinion.

In conclusion, the Azalea Tree Stump End Table made a beautiful and functional addition to my living room. Its rustic design, natural charm, and versatility have been a delight to experience, even in the face of a few small drawbacks. This was a truly unique and memorable piece that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone seeking a distinctive and charming addition to their home.

Commerce & Market Carved Stump Side Table — Hooker Furniture


The Commerce & Market Carved Stump Side Table by Hooker Furniture is a stunning piece that adds a touch of rustic charm to any space. Crafted with attention to detail, this side table features a carved black tree stump base, providing a unique and eye-catching design. Its durable construction ensures it’s not only visually appealing but also functional.

Measuring 20 inches in both width and length, and standing at a height of 25 inches, this side table boasts ample space to accommodate your decor items. The sturdy construction ensures it’s not only attractive but also sturdy, making it ideal for everyday use.

The natural materials and finishes used in this table add to its overall charm, making it a standout piece in any room. Despite its rustic look, this side table exudes elegance and will undoubtedly elevate the style of any living space.

Coastal Lillian Fluted End Table, Natural Pine Finish


Experience the ultimate blend of functionality and style with the Lillian end table, a stand-out piece from Better Homes & Gardens. Standing 22 inches tall, this beautiful end table boasts a fluted design that adds an air of sophistication and elegance to your living or sitting area. With a stunning natural pine finish, this piece exudes a warm, inviting ambiance that’s perfect for your home.

Not only does the Lillian end table serve as a practical storage solution for your everyday essentials, but its mesmerizing rounded surface also allows for ample space to place your favorite art deco pieces, books, and drinks. Crafted from sturdy materials, the durable top of this end table is not only aesthetically pleasing but also effortless to maintain.

Complementing the fluted legs’ unique styling is their sturdy manufacturing, which guarantees a safe and stable resting spot for your belongings. The Lillian end table truly is the ideal centerpiece for any coastal home, elevating any living space with its effortless coastal charm.

Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a traditional end side table can not only enhance the aesthetics of your living space but also provide a functional piece for your needs. This guide aims to help you make an informed decision by highlighting the crucial features, considerations, and general advice for traditional end side tables.



Traditional end side tables are typically crafted from solid wood or wood veneers. Some tables may have a laminate or MDF core with a wood veneer surface. Solid wood tables are durable and will last for years, but they may require more maintenance due to their susceptibility to scratches and stains. Wood veneer or laminate tables can be more affordable and easier to maintain, but they may not have the same durability as solid wood options.


The style of a traditional end side table can greatly impact its overall look and feel. Common styles include Victorian, Shaker, and Mission. Each style has its unique characteristics, such as decorative carvings, simple lines, or intricate details. Choosing a style that complements your existing furniture and decor can make the table a seamless addition to your living space.



Consider the size of the table in relation to the space it will occupy and the items you plan to place on it. Traditional end side tables come in various sizes, ranging from compact options suitable for small apartments to larger ones better suited for spacious living areas. Measure the area where you plan to place the table and consider the height, as well, since some tables may have higher or lower legs.

Additional Features

Some traditional end side tables may come with additional features like storage compartments or hidden drawers. These features can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking for a functional piece. If space is a concern, you may want to choose a table with a minimalist design that maximizes the available area. Alternatively, if you prefer an aesthetic piece with a touch of elegance, opt for a table without such features.



What are traditional end side tables?

Traditional end side tables are furniture pieces designed to complement traditional decor styles. They are usually made of high-quality materials, such as wood, and feature intricate craftsmanship to create an elegant and timeless look. These tables are typically placed near couches or armchairs, providing a convenient spot to put a cup of tea, a book, or a decorative item.

The traditional design often includes ornate details such as carved legs, decorative joints, and veneered surfaces. These tables come in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for different spaces and styles. Their simple, yet elegant design makes them a perfect addition to any traditional home.


What materials are used to make traditional end side tables?

Traditional end side tables are often made from solid wood, such as oak, cherry, or mahogany, which emphasizes their durability and high-quality craftsmanship. The wood is hand-selected for its natural beauty and grain patterns, ensuring that each table has a unique appearance. Some tables may also incorporate veneers, which are thin layers of wood or other materials applied to the surface for added decoration.

Additionally, traditional end side tables may feature metal accents, such as brass or copper, for handles, legs, or ornate detailing. These materials are chosen for their rich colors, patina, and long-lasting quality, providing a contrast and complementary look to the wooden components of the table.

What are the different styles of traditional end side tables?

Traditional end side tables come in various styles, each with its unique character and design elements. Some popular styles include Queen Anne, Chippendale, Federal, Georgian, and Victorian. These styles differ in their base design, leg shapes, and overall shapes, reflecting the influences of different time periods and regions.

For example, the Queen Anne style features a cabriole leg with a smooth, curved shape, while the Chippendale style boasts a carved and ladder-like design for the legs. Federal-style tables typically have more restrained decoration, focusing on clean lines and simple shapes. Georgian tables feature a bold, blocky form, and Victorian tables often include ornate carvings and high-contrast finishes.


How are traditional end side tables constructed?

Construction of traditional end side tables requires skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. The process typically starts with selecting the wood, which may be sourced from a local supplier or a faraway region, depending on the table’s design and style. The wood is then cut and shaped, using traditional methods such as hand-planing, chiseling, or carving.

Once the pieces are ready, they are joined together using mortise-and-tenon joints or dovetail joints, which are strong and visually appealing. These joints are secured with glue or dowels, ensuring a strong and sturdy table. Some tables may also have additional bracing or reinforcing pieces to support the overall design.

Where can I buy traditional end side tables?

There are many places where you can buy traditional end side tables, depending on your location and preferences. You can shop at local antique stores, vintage shops, or specialized furniture showrooms, where you may find unique, pre-owned pieces or replicas of traditional designs. Additionally, online marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, or specialized furniture websites offer a wide range of options, allowing you to browse and purchase tables from various sellers and craftsmen around the world.

When shopping for traditional end side tables, it is essential to consider the quality of the materials, craftsmanship, and style, as well as the size and functionality of the table for your space. It is also a good idea to read reviews, look for certifications or guarantees from the seller, and ask questions about the table’s origins, care, and warranty to ensure you are getting a high-quality product that meets your expectations.

How do I care for a traditional end side table?

Caring for a traditional end side table involves proper cleaning, maintenance, and protection to keep its beauty and durability intact. Depending on the table’s finish, you may need to dust or polish it regularly to remove dirt, dust, or scratches. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions or consult an expert to determine the appropriate cleaning method for your table.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the table’s location and the items placed on it. Avoid exposing the table to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or humidity, as these factors can cause the wood to warp or damage the finish. When placing items on the table, use coasters and tablecloths to prevent scratches, spills, or stains. If your table has a removable cushion, make sure to wash or dry clean it regularly to maintain its appearance and comfort.

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